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Letter Writing: Tips and Topics for SBI PO, BOB PO and Dena bank PO

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Many aspirants like you are doubtful regarding the descriptive test of various Government examinations. Today we are here to discuss the proper format of various types of letters asked in these examinations. Three sample letters are included to help you understand the concept clearly. At the end of the article, we have listed the most important topics of letter writing which might be asked in SBI PO Mains, BOB PO or Dena Bank PO Examinations.

Parts of a letter:

The format of a formal letter is shown below:


As you can in the above example, the entire letter is aligned to the left. Other styles are also available which follow different type of alignment. But this format is the most common and widely accepted one. Let us discuss the various parts of a letter:

(I) Your Name: Start with your name

(II) Your Address: Under you name, write your address along with pin code

(III) Date: Write the date on which you are writing the letter

(IV) Name or title of the receiver: If you are writing a formal letter like the one shown above, write the title of the authority (e.g. The Regional Manager, The Editor etc.) whereas if you are writing an informal letter, write the name of the person.

(V) Address of the receiver along with pin code

(VI) Subject: Subject is required only for the formal letters.

(VII) Salutation or greeting:

To members of your family you can write:

Dear Father, My dear Sister, Dear Sunny etc.

To friends, you can write-

Dear Amit or Dear Friend etc.

To business people(Formal letter), it will be-

Dear Sir, Dear Sirs, Dear Madam, Respected Sir/Madam, Sir/Madam etc.

(VIII) Body: This part is the most important part of a letter. So, you should be clear about the points which you are going to mention in the letter. Best strategy is to note down the points in paper before starting to type. This will provide you a clarity and save time as well. Also, people have this wrong perception that using very tough and complex words will help them fetch very good marks. This does not happen all the time. Rather, examiners look for simple, concise and to the point writing ability in an aspirant. So, those who are average or little weak in English, do not get worried thinking you won’t be able to use eloquent words in exam. That is not exactly what an examiner is looking for.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to avoid the tendency to pile up all the things in one paragraph itself. We have added few letters below to help you understand how to divide the body into paragraphs.

Commas and semicolons and fullstops should be properly used as inappropriate use of these may change the entire meaning of a sentence.

(IX) The Subscription or courteous Leave-taking:

To friends or members of your family (Informal Letter) you can write:

Yours lovingly, Yours sincerely, Yours sincere friend etc.

To business people(Formal letter), it will be-

Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully, Yours truly

(X) Your Name: End the letter with your name under the subscription


Sample Letters:

(A) Letter to the Regional Manager of SBI requesting him to grant you a loan for further studies.



577 ADG Apartments

Bengaluru, Karnataka- 560001


23rd May 2017


The Regional Manager

State Bank of India

Bengaluru, Karnataka- 560001




Dear sir/ madam,

Recently I came to know that your esteemed bank provides loan to deserving students for further studies. Therefore, I would like to put my case before you. I have completed BBA from ABC University with distinction in 2016. I have passed the MBA entrance test of PQR University and I would like to join the course. But my financial circumstances are not allowing me to dream big.

So, I request you to kindly sanction me a loan for further studies and let me know the terms and conditions under which such a loan is granted. I assure you that I shall abide by all the terms and conditions. I hope for a positive reply from your end.

Yours sincerely,



(B) Letter to the editor of a newspaper regarding poor condition of roads in the city



577 ADG Apartments

Dibburu, Karnataka-560089


23rd May 2017



The Editor,

The ABCD Times,





Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw your attention towards the poor condition of roads in our village. This will help to attract the attention of the concerned authorities towards the matter.

Almost all the roads in our village are in pathetic condition. It has caused many accidents in our locality lately. Moreover, our vehicles are also being damaged by the potholes on the road. The rainy season has added fuel to the problem. Communication is getting delayed during medical emergencies and the business environment of our village is also suffering because of this problem. The problem has started causing a panic among the residents.

I hope that the concerned authorities will look into the matter seriously and take some prompt and necessary action to overcome this problem.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,


(C) Letter to a Friend congratulating him on his Selection as PO in State bank of India.



444 MK Apartments

Noida, Uttar Pradesh- 201301


23rd May, 2017




55 PZ Apartments

Bangalore, Karnataka - 560002


Dear XYZ,

Words really fail to express my joy at the news of your selection as Probationary Officer in the State Bank of India. Your selection, was however, no surprise because a man of your superior intelligence and diligence was bound to fare excellently.

A Probationary Officer’s post in the State Bank of India is one of the most highly prized posts in India both from the point of view of emoluments and the wide and quick opportunities for promotion. You truly inspire me to work hard and stay positive. Lakhs of people apply for this job and only a few thousands get selected. I am really happy that your dream of joining State Bank of India became a reality. Keep working hard with honesty and positivity like you always do. Give my regards to you parents.

Sending you my heartiest congratulations and best wishes.

Yours lovingly,


Letters Asked in Previous Years (SBI PO):

(I) Letter to bank manager for applying educational loan providing all particulars

(II) Letter to friend encouraging him for Civil Services Examination which he is writing for the third time.

(III) Letter to Editor complaining against the problems caused by tampering of currency notes by punching pins

(IV) Letter to bank complaining about the negligence /irresponsibility of the employees

(V) Letter to friend to make him aware of the importance and benefits of PPF account.  

(VI) Letter to bank manager requesting to increase the credit amount of loan taken

(VII) Letter to bank: Apologizing for delay in EMI payment.

(VIII) Letter to friend to make him understand the importance of saving money

(IX) As a manager write a letter to your colleagues to hold a meeting to improve PR Strategy.

Important Letters for SBI PO, BOB PO, Dena Bank PO:

(I) Letter to Branch Manager of your bank complaining him about the fake currency notes of new denomination of Rs.2000 and Rs. 500 , which you have received from ATM.

(II) Letter to your younger sister explaining her about the benefits of Goods and Services Tax that is going to be levied on country.

(III) Letter to your Friend explaining him about the positive impacts of demonetization on India.

(IV) Letter to Bank Manager for closing your account in the bank.

(V) Letter to the bank manger reporting him about missing of credit card.

(VI) Letter to editor about the water crisis in your area.

(VII) Letter to the Airlines Authority that you have left your cabin bag yesterday in the flight.


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hello. I  want some important topic for dena bank discriptive part


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