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Most Common Grammatical Mistakes | Confusing Words : Part 2

By GovJobAdda, Bengaluru 2 years ago 1515 Views

This is part 2 of the Most Common Grammatical Mistakes Series

If you have not read the 1st part, here is the link:


11. Too/enough

Incorrect: This shirt is too enough for me.

Correct: This shirt is too big for me.

Rule : Too is used before adjectives and adverbs. So, in the above sentence use too with the adjective

Enough is used before nouns.

Examples :

I don't have enough time.

The ring was too small.


12. Fewer/less

Incorrect: There are less dresses.

Correct: There are fewer dresses.

Rule : Fewer is used for countable items.

Less is used for uncountable commodities.

Examples : There was a less rainfall last year.

There are fewer students in the class.


13. Did not

Incorrect: I did not saw him yesterday.

Correct: I did not see him yesterday

Rule : Use base form of the verb with did.

Examples :

I did not study Maths.

He didn't get up early today.

Her mother did not allow her to go out with her friends.


14. Amount/number

Incorrect: A great amount of people are visiting the museum.

Correct: A great number of people are visiting the museum.

Rule :

Amount is used for uncountable commodities.

Number is used for countable things.

Examples :

A large amount of sand is needed for the project.

We can watch a number of TV shows.



15. Gerunds

Incorrect: We enjoy to go for walk after dinner.

Correct: We enjoy going for walk after dinner.

Rule : A gerund is a verb form which functions as a noun. In other words, a gerund is a noun made from
a verb by adding "-ing." There are some verbs like dislike which are always followed by a gerund

Examples :

We enjoy going for a walk. (The gerund always follows the verb ‘enjoy'.).

I love eating ice cream.


16. Every day/everyday

Incorrect: He needs a car for his every day activities.

Correct: He needs a car for his everyday activities.

Rule : Everyday is an adjective that means commonplace or happening every day.

Every day is an adverbial phrase that means each day.

Examples :

I meet him every day.

He goes to college every day.

I need a laptop for my everyday work.

She cooks well daily. Here, daily can be replaced with each day or all days.


17. Possession shared by two persons

Incorrect: It is Smith’s and Peter’s car.

Correct: It is Smith and Peter’s car.

Rule : Use apostrophe only after the name of the second person

Example : This is Mark and Smith's house.


18. His/her/its

Incorrect: The dog lost his bone. (The gender is unknown.)

Correct: The dog lost its bone.

Rule : Use “it” if you don’t know the gender of an animal.

Example :

His dog participates in many dog shows. It has won many prizes.


19. Well/good (happiness)

Incorrect: He feels well.

Correct: He feels good.

Rule : Use good when expressing happiness.

Examples : She feels good after attending a concert.

He feels good by working for the company.


20. Well/good (quality)

Incorrect: She cooks good.

Correct: She cooks well.

Rule : Use well when expressing a quality of someone or something.

Examples :

The machine works well.

She sings well.

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Alok kashyap 2 years ago

 Point no 16. 

He needs*.

- Reply (7)

GovJobAdda, Bengaluru Institute 2 years ago

Thanks for pointing it out :-)

- Reply

Alok kashyap 2 years ago

Sir,  I have sent tutorials on Algrbra. I hope on Monday you will revert regarding the same.


- Reply


u want to say that there must b need instead needs?


- Reply

Alok kashyap 2 years ago


- Reply




- Reply

Alok kashyap 2 years ago

It's been corrected earlier it was he need.

- Reply



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Suvakanta Biswal 2 years ago


- Reply (1)

GovJobAdda, Bengaluru Institute 2 years ago

You are most welcome :-) Please share it with your friends as well :-)

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SHIVARAJ KN 2 years ago

hi.. Sir plz share tutorials on equations topic , we need it

- Reply (1)

GovJobAdda, Bengaluru Institute 2 years ago

Okay we will add it soon :-)

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dharmendra kumar 2 years ago

equations tricks;

+,+= -,-

-,- = +,-

+,- = -,+

-,+ = +,+

as an example: x^2 +5x +6=0

it means +,+ in equation, than answer will be -,- means two factor -3,-2; always use first sign with big value(3)

and another sign with second term (2);

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