Feb. 26, 2020

Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson (August 26, 1918 – February 24, 2020) mathematician whose calculations of orbital mechanics as a NASA employee were critical to the success of the first and subsequent U.S. crewed spaceflights. (inspired the movie ‘Hidden Figures)
101 years old Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson was an American mathematician whose orbital mechanics calculations as a NASA employee were critical to the success of the first and subsequent crewed spaceflights in the United States. Well, this article is all about the Katherine Johnson childhood, Katherine Johnson husband (s), Katherine Johnson family and Her career in NASA.

She died on 24 February 2020. NASA administrator James Bridenstine said,

“Our NASA family is sad to learn the news that Katherine Johnson passed away this morning at the age of 101. She was an American hero, and will never forget her pioneering legacy.”

She earned a reputation for performing complex manual calculations during her 35-year tenure at NASA and its predecessor, and helped pioneer the use of computers to perform the tasks. The space agency acknowledged its “historical role as one of the first women from Africa to serve as a NASA scientist.”
Katherine wed James Francis Goble in 1939. They had three daughters: Constance, Katherine and Joylette. She and James moved their family to Newport News in 1953 to pursue new employment opportunities. James Goble died in 1956 from an inoperable brain tumor. In 1959 Katherine Goble remarried James A. Johnson, a U.S. Army officer, and a Korean War veteran.
Katherine Johnson had continued her NASA career. For 50 years she has been a member of the Carver Memorial Presbyterian Church. Since college, she has been a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, the first sorority established by African-American women and for them. Johnson and her husband lived in Hampton, Virginia, and had six grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. She encouraged her grandchildren and the students to pursue scientific and technological careers.