State disaster funds to be used to give food, shelter for migrant workers
March 28, 2020

The Union Home Ministry on 27 March 2020, changed the rules for assistance under the State Disaster Relief Fund (SDRF), facilitating availability of money for food and temporary accommodation for migrant workers during the 21-day lockdown.
According to the new rules of the SDRF, provision for temporary accommodation, food, clothing medical cure etc., would be applicable to homeless people, including migrant labourers, stranded due to lockdown measures and sheltered in relief camps and other places.
There have been reports of a large number of migrant workers leaving their work places in different parts of the country and walking down to their native places, hundreds of kilometres away facing hardships on the way.
The migrant workers are left with no option but to walk as normal transport services have been hit after the announcement of the nationwide lockdown.

Source : The Hindu