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sir how we calculate this

1)20.3%of 445+16.8%of 225

2)24.8%of1338-15.5%of 945

3)67.99%of 1401-13.99%of 1299

in short way to get exact ans bcoz in option none of these is present

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aabha 1 year ago

GovJobAdda, Bengaluru Institute 1 year ago

The approach to Approximation questions depends on the options. If the options are not very close to each other, you can easily round off every number to nearest integer. If not, you will have to do more calculation to get the approximate value(sometimes you will have to find out the exact value to get the correct answer).

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GovJobAdda, Bengaluru Institute 1 year ago

Q1. 20.3% of 445+16.8% of 225

After approximation:

20% of 445 + 17% of 225 (Please note we have decreased 20.3 to 20(by 0.3) and have increased 16.8 to 17(by 0.2), so final result will not be that much affected)

= 89 + 38.25 


Note that the exact value of the given expression is 128.135

There is no large difference between the exact and approximate value.

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GovJobAdda, Bengaluru Institute 1 year ago

Try this way but first see the options before solving.

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pia verma 1 year ago

what is the percentage increase in surface area of cube after increasing edge of the cube by 40%.

sir ise kase krenge solve

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GovJobAdda, Bengaluru Institute 1 year ago

Let the side of cube be a

Surface area of a cube = 6a2

After increasing side by 40%, new side length = a + 40% of a = 7a/5

New surface area: 6*(7a/5)2 = 294a2/25

Increase in surface area = 294a2/25 - 6a2 = 144a2/25

Percentage increase = (144a2/25)*100/(6a2) = 96%

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aabha 1 year ago

thanku sir
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pia verma 1 year ago

Sir...ibps rrb clerk mains ke test kb tk aaege 

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Firoz Shaik 1 year ago

Here is a shortcut     x+y+{(x*y)/100} 

for cube x=y




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pia verma 1 year ago

Ok sir...thnz

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ayeshu 1 year ago

plzz help me...rrb clerk mw kis type ki hindi aaygi???

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