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english👀👉common error👈

  • I am greatful to you /and your friends for they showed/ sympathy and kindness /towards me/no error
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Ragini mishra 1 year ago
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MadhuVardhini 1 year ago

the showed 

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Ragini mishra 1 year ago

This question is related to pronoun..😳and correct ans is 🅱,🙇🙇🙇"they showed" is 😊😊replaced by 👉'yours'🙆

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trisha 1 year ago


but r u sure about 'yours'? it might be 'your'

coz when we read 'yours sympathy and kindness' wrong lag rha he na woh

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Ragini mishra 1 year ago

Lag raha hai..😃😃.yahi to aafat hai english k lea..😎😎don't try to feel it..just put grammar..😜you are saying 'your' which is possesive determiner(a part of pronoun),🙇🙇we need here possesive pronoun not determiner.👀

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Lavanya nair 3 months ago

2nd part.By the way we just want to idantify the error part.No need to correct it


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