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How to Prepare for Interview

First of all interview doesn’t means question answer session its means test of your personality. Is personality test depends on LUCK yes may be or may not be, but question is what is LUCK?????? L U C K = LABOUR UNDER CORRECT KNOWLEDGE, and all of us known KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, but on other side little knowledge is very dangerous thing.

Now what to prepare


  • .Your name  but  always  your full name  ( what is the meaning of your name )
  •  Your parents occupation ( suppose your father working in defense so expected question is why not defense why banking/insurance)
  •  Your native place / city/ state ( very important question make a full list of famous places /govt org./ famous personalities /in your state with details)
  •  Your education ( now this question is very important , college name , question from syllabus , why this stream , etc)
  • Your hobbies ( this question makes differences  , hobbies means INTEREST WITH BOTTOM OF HEART and it is doesn’t matter what is your hobby but it is very necessary for you to know  A TO Z of you hobby details .  ( be careful agar iska ans galat de diye toh interview performance  mai bahut fark padta hai )

2.Current knowledge

  • Any burning topics with merits and demerits ( but ans. is always in your language not bookish or newspaper  language )
  • Your state news / problems in your district or state
  • International important topics  with merits and demerits

3.Miscellaneous questions

  • Why you want to join banking /insurance sector after btech/pharmacy/biotech/ etc….
  • How your education helpful to us.
  • Your current job related / why you want to leave this particular job or your experiences.
  • Your strong and weak points
  • Your past years success and failures Education gap or what are you doing after graduation

This question is like nightmare for many aspirants and interesting fact is that they believe only because of this question they reject me. But this is only illusion let me explain Interviewer or any organization wants from you to tell truth nothing else. And this is a HOW TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF question. Doesn’t matter your past 4, 5 ,6 ,7, 8 years totally involve in competition just tell truth about your experiences , success and failures simple  WHY COMPLICATED ANSWER .

Interviewer also know that in this competition era success wants time . ( frds reality is graduation ke 1, 2 saal toh yeah sochne mai lag jata hai ki karna kya hai fir 1 ,2 saal competiton ki abcd samajne mai lag jata hai aur yeah chiz sabko pata hai interview lene walo ko bhi)


Banking related question /knowledge -- your answer is always according to question point to point means if they ask for example then only example.

Now how to prepare:

–First make a notebook/diary and write down your each and every important question and answer related to you, your education, and your state, current topics everything. –Discuss current topics with your friends / parents/ bro/sis…

–Mirror exercise daily for 10 to 15 minutes, just take any topic like explaining yourself, any current topic and put a chair in front of mirror now relax and just sit down and speak.

--After that analysis of your personality now how many times you move your hand/legs, your way of presentation with confidence face or not .( always remember humko humse behtar koi aur kabi nahi samaj sakta   )

Now what make differences?

–First step toward interview room means your entire body must reflect confident nature now you conquer half battle .(  ab khud socho agar hamara koi business hai toh hum kyun kisi zindagi se hare , lazy person ko apne business ka hissa kyun banane denge exactly yeah chiz interview wale humse maangte  hain)

—Talk less speaks more 5 point to point or good answer out of 10 questions is far better than 10 just explaining and explaining answers. 

–Interview means that your personality is right now matter your past your failures don’t matter.

–Your way of speaking, your way of presenting your answer is really really matter.

–Just think like an officer:  clear vision ( answer aata hai toh aata hai nahi aata tohnai aata simple )                                       

-- Quick response (if any situation reaction question you have to take decision)                                               

---Flexible personality (whether condition is favors or not we have to face situation)                                              

----Patience (this is most important quality of a good officer)  

–Sound mind with clear approach is necessary, your one doubt/ fear regarding interview question, fear about your performance directly reduces your chances.

At last interview means test of your personality not your knowledge, test of your confident level not your intelligence. (Your knowledge/intelligence test already done through written test).  who are you right now doesn’t matter who were you .  


All the best friends for your upcoming exams /interviews.............................

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THE ROCK 11 months ago
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Meenu kutty 11 months ago

Very nice. Thank u so much...

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THE ROCK 11 months ago

welcome meena

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sharwani sharma 11 months ago

thanks sir...worried for sbi :(

- Reply (1)

THE ROCK 11 months ago

dont worry,....just go ahead,,feel the heat of the sun....and do practice daily..

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n anilkumar 11 months ago

plz provide naicl assistant exam pelims

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GovJobAdda, Bengaluru Institute 11 months ago

Sorry Anil, we will not be able to provide any tests for NIACL as we are quite busy in preparing Tests for SBI PO and SSC CGL. Please check our examination calendar for upcoming tests series.

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n anilkumar 10 months ago

sir plz provide BOB tests......................

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