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Puzzle 4 Mains !!

21 participants from 4 continents (Africa, America, Australia and Europe) attended a Unit Nations conference. Each participant was an expert in one of four fields- labour, population studies, health and refugee relocation. The following facts r given----

1. No of labour experts in the camp was exactly half the no of experts in each of the 3 other categories.

2. Africa didn't send any labour expert. Otherwise, every continent, including Africa, sent at least one of expert for each category.

3. None of the continents sent more than 3 experts in any category.

4. If there had been one less Australian expert, then America would have had twice as many experts as each of the other continents.

5. Mike and Alfonso r experts of population studies, sent by Australia.

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Amar 1 year ago
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Amar 1 year ago

                    Lab(3)    Health(6)    PS(6)     RR(6)

Africa(4)         ---           1/2            2/1          1/2  

America(8)     1            3/2           1/2           3/2

Australia(5)     1            1                2             1 

Europe(4)        1            1                1             1 

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