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STATEMENT -----No kite is a bird.
                          All reptiles are birds.
                          All kites are apple.
                          All apple are plants.

CONCLUSION(a) All apple being birds is a possibility.
                      (b) All plants being reptiles is a possibility.
                       (c) At least some reptiles are apple.
                          (e) At least some plants are reptiles.

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THE ROCK 1 year ago
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Divya.Tharigopula 1 year ago


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THE ROCK 1 year ago

none follows...,tharigopula is right..

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nikhil 1 year ago


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THE ROCK 1 year ago

u r right nikhill...

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PERUMAL K 10 months ago

none follow

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Deepak Tote 10 months ago

only 1 and 2 follows

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