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this is new pattern coding - decoding...can anyone solve it?

In a certain code

" The news glaring holes"  is written as '4E@ 13I# 22L# 19T#

"For consular access and" is written as ' 13A# 12F# 26L@ 8E@'

" Splice tutor mark" is written as ' 9A@ 24I@ 12T#'

Q. What is the code of " PURSE"?

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nikita tripathi 1 year ago

pankul 1 year ago


for odd number of letters = #

for even number of letters =@

reverse value of 2nd last letter S is 8

and 3rd last letter is R....

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Meenu kutty 1 year ago

How this ans?

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nikita tripathi 1 year ago solved it within minutes...thanks
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pankul 1 year ago

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Meenu kutty 1 year ago

Hai i can`t understand this type.

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pankul 1 year ago


A  -26                Z -1

B  -25              Y-2

C -24               X-3

D  -23              W-4

E  -22               V-5

F  -21               U-6

G -20                T-7

H -19                S-8

I   -18                  R-9

J -17                 Q-10

K  -16              P-11

L -15               O-12

M  -14             N-13

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pankaj sitabdar 1 year ago

nice technique pankul...something innovative

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