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    test for agriculture field officer


    Please upload mock test of agriculture for IBPS AFO 2018 EXAM.

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    maneetiya 2 years ago
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    priyadarshi 2 years ago
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    priyadarshi 2 years ago

    sirpre yr ka practice set ka question ka discussion yha kr skta hu.

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    help me to solve this

    Directions: (5 – 9):

    Read the following information and answer the questions that follow:

    (i)A, B, C, D and E were five executives of a company x. Each belonged to five different states and each one was an international player but was associated with different games.

    (ii)They once gathered at Delhi railway stations with a purpose to travel to five different places.

    (iii)Before departure they decided to take hot beverages. One person, who was associated with Basketball preferred tea to coffee while others preferred coffee to tea. The four person who took coffee were-A, the person belonging to Punjab, the one who had to travel to Bangalore, and the one who was associated with Tennis.

    (iv)D did not take tea and he had to travel to Mumbai. D was found busy in conversation with his friend whose home state was Punjab and was one of the five executives.

    (v)B had to travel to Bhopal and associated with Volleyball. He did not take tea. E was not associated with Cricket, Volleyball or Football. But the person who had to travel to Kolkata was associated with Cricket and the person whose home state was Kerala was associated with Football.

    (vi)D did not belong to Bihar. The executive whose home state was Bihar took coffee. The person whose home state was MP, had to travel to a city which was not Chennai. One of the executives belonged to AP. The names of the games, cities and states used above are not irrelevant

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    sharavanan 2 years ago
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    saradha 2 years ago

    A coffee Kolkata cricket Bihar(home state)

    B coffee Bhopal volleyball Punjab( home state)

    C coffee Bangalore football Kerala(home state(

    D coffee Mumbai tennis MP( home state)

    E tea Chennai basketball AP (home state)

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    English what's app no. Is 8979426007 for English section

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    Anusuya 1 year ago

    How is use Whatsapp

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    Kaisa hoga paper 

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    Surendra yadav 2 years ago
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    In this question how we can get to know red, black and blue kite belongs to which boy?? Help please

    Seven boys A, D, Y, U, P, Q and J live in three different buildings – Ashiana, Top-view and Ridge. Each of them is flying kites of different colours i.e. red, green, blue white, black, yellow and pink, not necessarily in that order. Not more than three or less than two stay in any of the buildings. Q is lying a pink and does not live in Ridge building. U does not live in the same building as A or P and is flying a yellow coloured kite. D lives in Ridge building with only one more person and is flying a green kite. None in the Top-view building flies a white kite. P does not fly a blue kite.

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    Abhinisha 2 years ago

    pankul 2 years ago

    yes, it is confusing ...there are more possibilities in this puzzle..

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    Ragini mishra 1 year ago

    Some points are missing

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    DI calculation


    Direction(1 –5): The following charts show the sectorwise percentage break-up of $650 billion, which is the GDP of the country with a population of 12 billion people. 70% of the population of the country constitutes its working population, engaged in the various sectors of the economy and contributing to the GDP.

    Productivity is defined as the average amount contributed to the GDP per person in that group or sector.

    Question 31 of 100 You got this Question Wrong.

    Which of the following groups/sectors has the lowest productivity?


    Agriculture sector workers


    Manufacturing sector workers


    Services sector workers


    Non working population


    Both A and B

    Explanation :

    Population = 12 billion

    => working population = 0.7 x 12 = 8.4 million

    Non working population contributes nothing to the GDP hence its productivity is zero.

    plz explain How to calculate "Number of people"

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    pritha 2 years ago
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    Smita S 2 years ago

    There  is another pie chart under this chart. Please refer to that. Please Check the test again.

    According to the chart the 22/36th part, 9/36th part, 5/36th part of the working population are in Agriculture, Manufacturing and Services respectively.

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    SBI SO Mock test

    can anyone provide me mock test link for sbi so IT officer??

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    Poonam Tandale 2 years ago
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    GovJobAdda, Bengaluru Institute 2 years ago

    We are not providing any seperate test for SBI SO - IT.  U can practice them from IBPS SO - IT professional section tests.

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    More mock tests please

    Sir, as our exam got only less than 14 days plz provide us more IT OFFICER paper

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    yamuna Mohandas 2 years ago

    GovJobAdda, Bengaluru Staff 2 years ago

    Dont worry we will uplod few more tests soon!

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    Moin 2 years ago

    Hi Yamuna ,
    What is your strategy for preparation of  SO(IT)???

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    GovJobAdda, Bengaluru Institute 2 years ago

    @Yamuna, may i know the exam date according to you ?? As there are more than 20 days still left in the exam and 8 tests are already up so these 22 days are enough to uplaod the remaining 7 tests. Btw  9th test is live now.  6 to go.....

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