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Q5. My life was very happily going alone, then I met that girl and she _______, and ruined my life .

a) Cut to the chase

b) Burst the bubble

c) Cry over Spilled Milk

d) Go for broke

e) None of These

Model Answer :

ans: b

Cut to the Chase means to get to the point or come to the point.

Burst the bubble means shatter someone's illusions about something or destroy their sense of well being

Cry over Spilled Milk means one crying over things that have already happened and that cannot be changed

Go for broke means risk everything in an all-out effort.

Subjects : English Language

3 Answers GovJobAdda, Bengaluru 7 months ago

3 Answers

Joy Kumar Dutta 7 months ago
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ya mine is ruined toocry

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Ragini mishra 7 months ago
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MadhuVardhini 7 months ago
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b. burst the bubble

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