Last Minute Tips to Crack IBPS RRB Officer Scale - I Prelims 2020 Exam
Sept. 3, 2020 2478 Views

IBPS RRB Officer Scale - I (PO) Exam 2020 is scheduled to be held on 12th, 13th, 19th, 20th and 26th September 2020. With just a week remaining, it becomes all the more crucial that how you spend these last few days before your exam. What exactly you put your energy into in these last few days, will play a vital role in your positive result. This is definitely not the time to experiment anything, but should be spent in serious revision & practice.

So, here we are with some last minute tips which will help you focus on the major areas for this exam.

Let's look at the structure of the Exam first.

There are only 2 sections in this exam, with a composite time of 45 minutes. So, it is you who has to intelligently split your time between the 2 sections so that none of the section gets messed up.

Ideally, try and finish the sections within 20 minutes each and keep a 5 minute buffer at the end. The exam is not very tough, so 20 minutes each is a good enough time to solve the questions. But, then again, a lot depends on your practice & speed.

Let's talk individually about each section.

Reasoning Section:

Many students shy away from solving puzzles & arrangement questions, but think of it that if you practice and solve it perfectly in one go, then you solve a set of 5 questions correctly. So, if you have a knack for puzzles then Reasoning can be really scoring for you. Well, if you find it tough, then also don't worry.

Start solving questions from your strong areas first. Keep puzzles & arrangement questions for last if you are not sure about them. If while solving puzzles, you find yourself nowhere even after spending 3 minutes on it, then better move on to some other question. Spending time wisely is the most important thing here.

Try winding up the section in 20 minutes. Do not succumb to exam pressure, even if you are not able to solve the first 5 questions, give yourself a 10 seconds break, breathe in and get back to solving the other questions. Do not let your nervousness come in the way of your selection.

In order to be confident, spend these last 7-8 days practicing a lot. Do not experiment anything now, just practice whatever you have learnt so far. It is this practice that will help you sail through in the exam. Practice both Full Length Mock Tests & Sectional Tests. Make sure, you do not lose marks on topics like Syllogism, Inequality, Blood Relations, Order & Ranking, Alpha-numeric Series & Distance & Direction. Put, at least 5 hours daily for reasoning practice. While solving full length mock tests, stick to the 20 minutes time & see how many you are able to solve & how good is your accuracy. If you'll solve with 100% accuracy here in 20 minutes, then you definitely won't feel pressurized in the exam.

Quantitative Aptitude:

Mathematics is a subject which never ditches you if you have genuinely given your 100% to it and have practiced well. If you know the concepts, then even if you forget the tricks you'll be able to solve it correctly. So, it's not the number of tricks you know that matters here, but how clear are your concepts that plays a major role.

Practice simplification & percentage topics well. Revise all the concepts as these topics help in solving questions from almost all other topics like, DI, ratio-proportion, ages, profit & loss, work & time, mixture-allegation, etc.

Also, when it comes to word problems, read carefully in the first go so that you do not end up wasting time in multiple readings. Keep noting down the information as you read, so that once you are through reading the question, you can simply put it in the formula and solve.

Every day, from now until the Exam, give 5 hours to Quantitative Aptitude. Revise all the formulas & concepts and solve as many questions as you can (basic & advanced both). You should be so thorough with your practice that in the exam the moment you start reading the question, your mind should sub-consciously start processing it.

So, practice, practice & practice in these last 7-8 days. 

And in the exam, divide your time wisely between both the sections & do not unnecessarily hop between questions & sections. Stay calm at all costs.

Night before the Exam:

  • Eat right
  • Take adequate rest
  • Stay confident

During the Exam:

  • Read the instructions carefully
  • Leave no question unread
  • Don’t get stuck on a question
  • Avoid guesswork

Exam Checklist:

  • Call letter with recent passport size photograph affixed thereon (mandatory)
  • Photo identity proof (Original + Photocopy) (mandatory)
  • One ballpoint pen (mandatory)
  • Mask (mandatory)
  • Gloves, personal transparent water bottle & personal 50 ml hand sanitizer are among the things you may carry in the exam center if you want to, but they are not mandatory.
  • Reach the center well in advance (reach well before time as mentioned in the Official Notification as the checks might take time because of the ongoing Covid situation).

This summarizes almost everything that you should be focusing on in these last few days before the exam & on the exam day.

You can watch our Video on Last Minute Exam Tips for more details: Video Link

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All The Best !