Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey writes his debut book
Aug. 3, 2020

Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey has written his debut book which will be released in October 2020. The book is titled 'Greenlights' and it's "not a traditional memoir" but "playbook" based on McConaughey's experiences, the actor claims.
McConaughey posted a video on social media announcing the news about his upcoming book. "Ever since I learned to write I've been keeping a journal writing down anything that turned me on or off, maybe laugh, maybe cry, maybe question, or kept me up at night. Two years ago I walked up the courage to take up all the journals and see what all I had. And I returned with a book called 'Greenlights'.

McConaughey also said, according to The Bookseller, “This is not a traditional memoir, or an advice book, but rather a playbook based on adventures in my life. Adventures that have been significant, enlightening and funny, sometimes because they were meant to be but mostly because they didn’t try to be.”

Meanwhile, talking about the actor's first book, his publisher Headline said, according to The Bookseller, “McConaughey has kept a diary for 35 of his 50 years, and recently worked up the courage to take those writings into solitary confinement and read through them.