Swiz launches world’s first app “SwissCovid” with Exposure Notification API of Apple and Google
June 2, 2020

Switzerland has launched the world’s first app that utilised the Exposure Notification API developed by Apple and Google.

According to a BBC report, the app called “SwissCovid” is currently available to members of the Swiss army, civil servants, and hospital workers. The app will be rolled out to a wider audience once the Swiss MPs debate and approve the app. The Swiss government hopes to achieve this by mid-June.

Apple and Google have said that a handful of states in the US, which includes Alabama, South Carolina, Virginia and North Dakota, and a total of 22 countries have requested access to the API, a report by 9To5Mac states. However, some countries have criticised the API for the restrictions it has that prevent the developers from collecting location data among other things.